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Dear men,

# Trigger warning.

Dear Men,
I know Kabir Singh made aggression look cool. Its really not.
I know how it feels powerful in the moment to let out in a fit of anger all the bottled up emotions of your sealed man hood.
Sealed, because that’s what you have been brought up to be. Sealed, because the first time you cried when your Dad saw you off at the kindergarten, you were told its a
w e a k n e s s .
“Don’t cry like a girl, men don’t cry
You were told to man up.
And reminded time and again.
So, you learnt to muffle the cries and bury your feelings deep inside your chest.
So, I understand when you think letting it out on people would help you express, if not other feelings, anger. Trust me, its a bad road down that lane. Anger will burn you to the ground. To ashes.
Remember, you are enough. You are allowed to feel. It takes courage to be soft and not otherwise.
Kabir Singh showed us toxic masculinity breeds love. It showed- to control, to obsess, to restrict, to possess; is love. In real world, the first half of the movie is pure harassment, it won’t win you a woman’s heart, no! “Chunri theek karlo”, “Meri bandi se koi baat nahi karega” is for gods sake not love, its dominion. Violent lovers and abusive relationships do not deserve to be normalized, let alone glorified. Be a man that is brave enough to be tender. Be a man that is tough enough to be understanding. Be a man that is strong enough to be caring. Your true strength, your manhood lies in making your loved ones feel safe, not threatened.
Love is not a demand to be fulfilled, but a journey to be shared.

To all those who wanna give, ‘it’s just a movie’ crap:

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