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Best DLSR Camera for Youtube and Photography

DSLR’s is a great investment for those who are looking forward into becoming professional content creator on Youtube or professional photographers.
Today we will be looking into some of the greatest value for money DSLR camera’s.

These DSLR camera’s starting from cheapest to the costliest will be ranked below also the. Best buy links will be given so that you could easily purchase without having the hassel to search.

1. Canon EOS 3000D
(18 MP)
One of the best DSLR out there for beginners. One can try hands on with the camera to get in depth knowledge and learn also this dslr camera shoots videos in 1080p and hence can be a good deal for emerging youtube content creators.

Price: 21999 Rs

Buy Canon EOS 3000D here

2. Canon EOS 1300D

Another one by Canon and yet slight powerfull than the 3000D it will cost you around 24k-25k for the body and seperately for an extra set of lense.

The DSLR camera comes with and 18-55 mm lense kit and is pretty decent for what price you pay.

Price: 25000 Rs

Buy Canon EOS 1300D here

3. Fujifilm X-A5

Next in the list is the most affordable camera for vloggers and it is surprisingly a mirrorless camera, yes you heard it right it is a mirrorless camera at Rs 29999 only. Along with amazing photo quality this camera offers you a smooth videos shooting upto 4k and has a flip out display for vlogging.

Price: 29999 Rs

Buy Fujifilm X-A5 here

4. Nikon D3400

Nikon is another well know brand in the dslr category and has good number of fan following just like the canon. This camera has amazing photo capabilities and video recording qualities. 24 MP camera shoots high resolution photos. Also it can record in 1080p.

Price : 29999 Rs

Buy Nikon D3400 Camera here

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