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Why join Indian defence forces?

I have alot of reasons of joining the Indian army and “because I want to serve my nation” isn’t one of them. I believe that one doesn’t have to join the defence forces to serve the nation. Everyone serves the nation, a farmer, a doctor, a teacher, everyone. Although, defence forces is more direct in the line of contact, I believe that a teacher’s profession has the most potential to serve the nation. Although, how efficiently the potential is served is a different story.

How to join Indian army/ Indian Navy/ Indian Airforce? Links at the bottom.

Now, if not that reason, why do I want to join the forces? I will list out my reasons in increasing order of importance.
1. Professional aspects:
There isn’t much awareness on the professional aspects of career in the defence forces. Like any other career, the first thing to look into a career are its professional aspects like the salary, job security and benefits. The monthly CTC of an entry level defence officer is close to 1.5 lakh which includes the medical cover, allowances, canteen facilities, etc.

2. Personal growth
No career on this planet will contribute to your growth as a career in defence forces does. There is a tremendous scope for self-development in this career. The management lessons and operation principles you learn in the army, will stay with
– Starting with the training in academy, you are given the best training specially designed to bring out the best in you. It enriches your command, resourcesfullness and grooms you to make better decisions.
– One could chose to engage himself in whatever sports he wishes to and if he/she is good at it, they would even get special training to represent at a competitive level. Defence personell can participaye in adventure sports that are not even allowed to the civilian folk. Football, shooting, para trooping, paragliding, you name it and I have not even mentioned military grade exercises/sports here.

3. Further studies
Apart from getting to train in some core as well as technical courses of the chosen corps, opportunity is also provided to do 2 years of select list of courses from civilian universities by grant of study leave with full pay. Yes! You can have your MBA or any other course at the governments expense. Selected officers are even sent overseas to undergo courses.

My final and most important reason to join the army is simply the love of the way of life in the army. Giving a few years to the army (Short service commission entry) will equip you for a much balanced life in terms of quality. It is the only career that would keep you fit and dancing till you retire. Climbing the corporate ladder will most probably result into a broken back or painful joints. And like most people you will spend all the money earned fixing the damage caused while earning the same money. There I painted a gory picture , that’s what people do where they see a career in the defence forces to be dangerous. What place is safe?Heck! You could die in a road accident, every day to your 9 to 5. Per minute statistics of road accidents is more than per year deaths in the forces. Also, the fact that most people miss is that not every officer fights in direct contact, its mostly the infantry and during peace time its mostly the special forces. Though every one is trained for warfare. There are other corps like electrical and mechanical engineers, education, artillery, services, aviation, etc.

Personally, I believe a career in the forces will help me unravel my dormant personality traits so that I can utilize them better and shape me into a better individual.

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Official websites:

  • www.joinindianarmy.nic.in
  • www.joinindiannavy.gov.in
  • www.joinindianairforce.nic.in
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  1. Rohit Shinde Rohit Shinde

    You were born for this. ! Worthy people do make dreams to reality , I’ve no doubt you being one of them !
    See you soon in uniform . Jai Hind

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